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A site without visitors is like a port without a boat.
Pizeonfly boosts your visibility on the Internet.

To position your website at the top of search results,
we set up SEO strategy to be visible to new visitors and customers to your website

Specific SEO Services 

SEO Consulting

We help you improve the traffic and sales of your company, solving all your doubts with the best recommendations.

link building

Link strategy that will provide traffic and reputation to your domain, improving global positioning.

Google penalty recovery

Is your traffic slowing down? You do not know what it is? A penalty by Google is possible. We help you.


Website audit

Complete analysis of your domain and website. Know the current state and the best possible ones to be carried out.

On Page Optimization

We optimize and improve your website by finding errors and opportunities to increase positioning.

Online Reputation

Did you make a mistake and an article is diminishing the reputation of your company? We take care of mitigating it.

We help you increase the sales of your business

Making a website without having a clear and concise strategy to generate traffic that brings business to the company afterward is useless. We always have to think in the short, medium and long term. A strategy based on SEO positioning gives you a new channel of organic traffic from user search results. Get new clients with our personalized web positioning strategy for your business because each is different. Make customers love your product or service that land on your website. They will be convinced that your company is what they were looking for.

Boost your  Business

SEO will give you more visibility. The objective of your website is to correspond to the demand of your customers. All my clients will tell you: I create sites that “convert,” which boost your orders and energize your business. The objective is to :

Shall we Start?

Did you know that the first five organic results represent almost 70% of all clicks on a website? After several years of experience (with many flight hours in web positioning expeditions), at Pizeonfly, we are prepared to design an SEO strategy that will take you to the top of Google. We have a great team and the most powerful digital tools to improve the visibility of your business in the digital environment and improve your company’s profitability through quality visits.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the use of appearing in search engines?

Better ask yourself this question: Where do you go when you look for something on the internet? There are different search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, although the most widespread is Google. Appearing in this search engine ensures a new flow of visitors interested in what you sell or offer.

Am I going to be the first result in Google?

Any company that promises to be the first result of Google is lying. As professionals, we can optimize the page as much as possible to reach the top positions in the search engine, but we cannot guarantee the first position.

When will I start seeing results?

SEO is a long-term strategy. A multitude of tasks has to be carried out both on the website itself and externally constantly. If the domain used is new, you can start to see results from the third month with a consequent exponential organic growth. If the domain is already rolled, it can be seen from the first month.

How long will the positioning of an SEO strategy last if I stop doing it?

If your website is well optimized, it can stay well positioned for a long time. But you must know that Google and the rest of the search engines, such as Bing or Yahoo, update their algorithm more than 600 times a year, so you must constantly update yourself to avoid losing positioning.

Why should I include SEO content in my strategy?

Quality website content is essential, solving the user's search intention. Without it, the search engines will not understand the information on your page, and you will not have a position in the organic results. One of the best options is to buy Content on specialized platforms, but at Pizeonfly, we have a writing team and specialized SEOs, so you don't have to worry about the strategy to follow.

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