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2020 – 3.6 billion social media users worldwide.
2025 projection – 4.41 billion!
Where you at on your social media strategy?

Pizeonfly, one of the most successful agencies in
Social Media Account Management service, manages your brand’s
social media accounts with creative ideas and strategies.

Social Media Account Management Requires Different Expertise

While we are developing the social media strategies of our brands that we walk side by side, we primarily benefit from our experience of more than 6 years in this field, the firsts we have taken steps and the data. We manage the social media accounts, whose strategies we have created after detailed analysis and data, from an expert point of view.

We offer a unique set of services for your brand by bringing together the most successful and talented experts in the industry, under the leadership of our New Media department, which offers social media account management services, and our managers, each of whom is one of the best in their fields.

One of the most important points we pay attention to while managing your brand’s assets on social media is to bring you together with your target audience in the most effective way within the scope of social media marketing activities by producing creative digital campaigns for social media accounts. Another is to realize all kinds of mobile and creative digital campaign ideas for digital communication and digital marketing for our brands in a short time and perfectly. Our team works with you to bring your brand to your real target audience, to create your social media strategies based on data, and to manage all your social media accounts in a way that differentiates them from your competitors and makes a difference.

Unlock your social potential with Pizeonfly

As Pizeonfly, one of the most successful agencies in Social Media Account Management service, we manage your brand’s social media assets with strategic approaches that we shape with the power of data and creative ideas. The importance of using each social media to increase the benefit of a project or campaign in accordance with the dynamics and brands within itself is increasing day by day. Although social media is a unique marketing method, communication opportunity and roadmap, not every brand is able to use it to their advantage.

Social Media  Management Marketing

At Pizeonfly, we are a bunch of open-minded people. we believe that Marketing is a function of psychology & science and every need must be tailor-made and non-complex. we are proud to have created and know mored memorable campaigns. As we grow, we are committed to the ideas that founded our success!

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